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A strategic public relations campaign (augmented by social media) is usually the magic ingredient in the success of anything whether a book, actor, brand, TV show, non-profit foundation, etc. The important question is always when is the best timing?

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The media is always looking for a newsworthy hook so when we assess potential clients we determine if they have something new and relevant. For example, if you are an author and your book was published months ago you have the missed the boat on most interviews. The writers, editors and talk show bookers that we contact are looking to connect their audience with the latest. The best time to consider hiring a publicist company depends on the project at hand. If you are an actress with a new show debuting, you should be starting to connect with a publicist one to two months before your show airs. If you are an author considering a publicist, you should contact a PR firm two to three months before your book is going to be published. This gives you the opportunity to have your book talked about before it comes out, giving you the hype needed to boost book sales. If you are a musician or band, we will work closely with you to ensure your single releases and album release are being talked about in the media before the album is available for sale. In the world of PR, the easier is always the better.

If you have an established brand, store, charity, etc. we recommend aligning a PR campaign with an event or a new initiative. We work closely with our clients brainstorming ways to help them elevate their visibility with the goal of long term success in the increasingly crowded marketplace. This past month alone, we have worked with authors who are debuting their first book, an actress comedian writing and starring in their our show, musicians debuting songs and albums, an 9 year old actress making her acting debut in a prestious show, an artist producing her debut painting and actors using the talent learned from years in the industry to shine in their new roles. Our media reach goes beyond the specific niche of their show; we strive to accomplish the very best we can with each media campaign we take on.