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It may be late 2021 but the effects of the pandemic are still prevalent in almost every business, especially the entertainment industry.

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At the beginning of the pandemic TV studios and movie sets across the country were completely baren, putting a complete halt on the entertainment production. Without shows and movies to shoot, actors and actresses suddenly became indefinitely unemployed. Thankfully, the country adapted, and vaccinations and regular COVID testing became the new norm. Hollywood was slowly able to get back to safely filming. By the spring of 2021, vaccines were readily available to all and in-person events were slowly getting back on track. With myriad safety protocols are in effect, such as proof of vaccination as well as a negative test results within 24-78 hours, it has allowed the industry to slowly get back on its feet.

One of the positives of everyone being forced to stay home was the accessibility for interviews. Before the pandemic, the concept of a virtual interviews was almost obsolete. If someone was unavailable to be at their interview in person it wouldn’t happen. For example, a live performance on the Good Morning America would have never been via Zoom, but when artists’ albums were released during quarantine, they happily performance via pre-taped video which out client, Ledisi, did to promote her Grammy-award winning album. Zoom has made interviews attainable for everyone without the burden and costs of travel. For example, our client Ernie Hudson who is currently promoting season three of BET’s The Family Business, was able to be a guest on Good Day, New York, Good Day, Atlanta, and Good Day, DC all in one morning from the comfort of his own home via Zoom or Skype. With virtual interviews becoming part of the new normal, it has opened doors for people that would have been shut before. Another positive aspect is meeting potential clients from the safety and comfort of one’s home. Instead of meeting people in person, Zoom meetings have made it easier to connect with people all around the world. They also have given people the option of working remotely which has changed the structure of the workday and people’s concept of work.

With 2021 nearing the end it will be interesting to see how the industry will continue to change next year. Vaccinations have allowed events to come back and people are more willing to meet in person again. Hopefully by the end of next year, everything will be back to how we remember it, with large gatherings to celebrate the success of all.